Civil Air Patrol

Cadet Deputy Commander of Operations

Cadet Captain Ethan D Atwell has been chosen to serve as the Cadet Deputy Commander for Operations during the 2018 Missouri Wing Summer Encampment. The duties that he will perform in the position previously stated are as follows: manage cadet operations, supervise and mentor flight commanders, monitor cadet inspection programs, recommend duty assignments, and command the squadron.

In 2016, Cadet Capt Atwell attended Pennsylvania Wing Summer Encampment at Fort Indiantown Gap. His squadron attained the prestigious awards of both Honor Squadron of the week and Warrior Spirit. At his squadron in Lancaster, NER-PA-010, he earned Honor Staff Cadet for his “Outstanding Contributions” and his “Positive Impact.” He served in the duty positions of Flight Sergeant and Flight Commander.

Cadet Capt Atwell transferred to his current squadron in Springfield, NCR-MO-070 in 2016 where he served as the Cadet Deputy Commander for two consecutive terms. In 2018, he became the Cadet Commander and is currently striving to lead the squadron to excellence. He was appointed the duties of Cadet Aerospace Officer and Cadet Operations officer of his squadron during this time. Cadet Capt Atwell attended North Central Region Cadet Leadership School in 2017 and was awarded a Region Commander’s coin by Colonel Regena Aye for his speech to junior cadets.

Cadet Capt Atwell’s goals for the 2018 CTG are as follows:

  • Support the Cadet Commander and assist with fulfilling his vision.
  • Create an environment that generates professionalism and self-discipline from the cadets.
  • Provide a safety conscious atmosphere that promotes an enhanced learning opportunity.
  • Ensure a growing experience that will be long-remembered and that will be a foundation for
    leadership success.

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