Civil Air Patrol

Cadet Commander

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Justin A Smith has been selected as the 2018 Cadet Training Group Commander & Cadet Commander of the 2018 Missouri Wing Summer Encampment.

At the 2018 CTG the duties which Cadet Lt Col Smith plans to accomplish as cadet commander include, establish plans, policies & procedures; make personnel recommendations; coordinate cadet staff activities; direct the cadet corps; promote excellence; and lead drill & ceremonies throughout the cycle of staff selection, staff training, and execution of the Summer Encampment.

At his home squadron, Wentzville Composite Squadron Cadet Lt Col Smith recently took on his second term as cadet commander. Prior to his second command he filled the positions of Operations and Leadership Officer, and many other positions within the squadron. During his first command Cadet Lt Col Smith helped lead the squadron in excellence and received the Squadron of Merit for the Wing and Squadron of Distinction for the Region.

During prior Missouri Wing CTGs Cadet Lt Col Smith has held of position flight commander and safety officer. In 2017 he attended and completed the North Central Region Cadet Leadership School. Also in 2017 he attending Missouri Pathfinders and finished as Pathfinder of the year. He has attending National Cadet Special Activities to include National Blue Beret and PJOC.

For the 2017 Missouri Wing Conference Cadet Lt Col Smith was selected to be the attaché to the National Commander, Major General Smith. At Wing Conference Cadet Lt Col Smith received the Wing Cadet of the Year Award. In 2016 he received the Air Force Association Award for the squadron and in 2015 was named the Cadet Junior Officer of the Year.

Cadet Lt Col Smith’s goals for the 2018 CTG encampment are to:

  • Ensure students receive training as required in CAPP 52-24.
  • Create a learning environment that will generate future leaders of Civil Air Patrol, on the student and cadre level.
  • Readdress standards and mindset required of cadre during the 2018 encampment.
  • Set the standard for future encampments

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